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Wish List

  • ASL Translator -$800 - Provide simultaneous translation for our Remembrance Day event this December 14.
  • Adopt-a-Family $50 per day, the average cost of meals and incidentals for families in residency at George Mark Children's House.
  • Commercial Kitchen Fry Pans $60+ - 4 each of 14” Lincoln by Vollwrath Wearever pans in nonstick and regular, and 4 each 12” in both nonstick and regular

Please contact Ken Sommer if you are interested in underwriting any projects or items here - 510.346.1269 or

  • HP Laserjet printer with envelope feeder - $500 HP Laserjet #B2360dn for our administrative operations.
  • Palliative Aquatics Supplies - $1,000 - A year’s worth of supplies, including swim diapers, swim suits and deck shoes, as well as floatation devices, pool toys and towels
  • Sofa - $1,350 - To replace existing sofa in our Nurses Station
  • Double Sofabed - $1,500 - To replace existing sofabeds in our Bereavement Suite.
  • Upgraded Dryer - $1,500
  • Queen Sofabeds (2) - $1,550 - To replace existing sofabeds in our Family Suites.
  • Somatron VibroMusic Bean Bag - $2,500 - Soothing and fully supportive beanbag with multisensory sound capability for play and relaxation
  • Loveseat and Side Chairs - $4,000 - To replace furniture in  our Bereavement Suite.
  • Patient Bed Safety Railing Pads - $4,000 - Upgrade and replace existing patient bed safety rail pads, which are nearing the end of their useable life.
  • Vital Signs Monitor - $4,000 - Updated equipment for taking routine patient vital signs or monitoring before, during and after procedures and treatments.
  • Annual Family & Bereavement Events - $10,000 - Including Family Picnic, Prom, Pumpkin Day, Santa Day, and UnBirthday Parties
  • Replace carpeted areas of the house with hard wood flooring - $10,000 - Replace existing carpet with hard wood flooring, which is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Solar Power for George Mark - $20,000 - Installing of enough solar paneling to provide all of George Mark’s electrical power
  • Repainting the Exterior of George Mark Children’s House - $40,000 - The cost of repainting and repairing all dryrot at George Mark Children’s House

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Our Amazon Wish List can be found here.

Our Target Wish List can be found by clicking here. We recommend you download and print our Target Wish List and take it with you if you plan to shop in store. You do not need to purchase items from Target-- please browse our wish list and feel free to purchase elsewhere.

Gift Cards

We are in urgent need of gift cards. Our families use gift cards for specific needs like clothing, food, and supplies. We use them to buy items for family birthday parties, bottles, diapers, clothing, and other necessities for families. From time to time we also use them for needs in the House. We urgently need cards in small denominations from:

We also need cards from:

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Wish List Gratitude

Thanks, American Honda Finance, for our AED unit, baby moniter, kitchen knives and organizers!

Thank you, UHS, for our new Posey bed!