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George Mark Children’s House is a non-profit organization which serves children with life-limiting illnesses. We offer our services in a licensed, warm, home-like environment, providing a comforting space for children and their families.

Our cadre of volunteers are drawn from a wide variety of social, cultural and professional backgrounds, and are an integral part of the George Mark team.


More than 150 individuals, in addition to groups from local schools, corporations and community groups, currently volunteer at George Mark Children’s House.  To apply to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application here or contact our Volunteer Manager at (510) 346-1261.

Some volunteer jobs require more training than others.  Some positions require long-term commitments, while others can be one-time or short-term jobs requiring little or no training.  Our family volunteers interact directly with our patients and families, while other volunteer activities take place in the office or at special events.

  • Kids and Families: Working directly with children and families requires the most training and preparation, but is worth the effort!  You might play games, read books, bring your certified pet therapy animal, assist in our pediatric palliative aquatics program, help with homework or be a compassionate presence to a family member. Requirements include: Completion of paperwork (TB, physician’s clearance, criminal background check, letters of reference, George Mark Children’s House forms and review of handbook) and completion of our 2-day Volunteer Training Program offered three times a year. This position requires a minimum of one year commitment.
  • Kitchen: We serve appetizing, nutritious and varied home-cooked meals throughout each day.  These are prepared in our kitchen and served to families and staff in our family-style dining room. Volunteers assist our staff in cooking, serving and cleaning up after each meal.
  • Office Assistance: We periodically need help taking care of office tasks. This option is perfect for on-call volunteers, those with atypical schedules, or those who choose not to have patient/family contact.
  • Garden and Facility: Perfect for short-term or group volunteers, we are always looking for more hands to help tend our organic vegetable garden, water plants, wash windows and manage other facility upkeep projects.
  • Teen Volunteers: Our teen volunteers assist our family volunteers by playing, reading, doing arts and crafts, or playing video games with the children.  Teens must be at least 16 years old to volunteer. Requirements: Same as Kids and Families above. This position requires a minimum of one year commitment. (There are currently no openings for teenage volunteers.)

Please contact our Volunteer Manager for more information (510) 346-1261 or email  We look forward to hearing from you!

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