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Dec 3, 2015
Life Around the House

The Fall/Winter 2015 Edition of the George Mark Newsletter is available online.

Read it here!

May 21, 2015
Buster Tweets @GMCH!

Feb 19, 2015
You are the Heart of our House!

“George Mark is a magical place. We feel totally confident that our child will be carefully and tenderly cared for by trained professionals. The staff is awesome.”
‐Melinda, George Mark parent

It’s a typical day at George Mark Children’s House…

The Palliative Aquatics team is carefully taking a young patient into the spa for another soothing, therapeutic session. A volunteer walks with a child through the gardens in the warm sunshine. The admissions team speaks with families and physicians about potential stays at the house.

None of our daily routine would be possible without you. Your generous support enables our incredible staff to do what they do best: provide top quality medical care and support to children and families when they need it most.

A stellar example of your support at work is Isabelle White, one of our highly skilled pediatric nurses. Isabelle came to George Mark after working for forty years as a pediatric intensive care nurse in Oakland. She now works as a nursing manager at George Mark Children’s House. Revered by our patient families, Isabelle is just one of the many gifted staff who make George Mark Children’s House what it is – a home away from home for families in need.

Nurses are the heart of our house, and your support makes their tender and compassionate care possible. This Valentine’s Day, please consider making a loving gift to support the children, young adults, and families who come to George Mark Children’s House.

Families just want to be families, and they want to be together. That’s what this house was built on,” says Isabelle.

George Mark Children’s House provides a welcoming, comfortable space in a medical environment – creating the comforts of home more than any hospital can.

Isabelle witnesses families who are facing profoundly challenging times. The care and compassion that staff members put into their work has a deep and lasting positive impact on each George Mark family. As Isabelle explains, “Families will have these memories forever, and we want to do what we can to help make these memories as rich and meaningful as possible.”

Being a nurse at George Mark Children’s House means developing a close relationship with the families we serve. While providing top quality care, Isabelle also serves as mentor and teacher, helping families gain the confidence they need to care for their child at home.

The children and young adults who stay at George Mark Children’s House are critically ill, with conditions that often cannot be cured. Isabelle reflects on the mission of George Mark: “While we cannot change the outcome, we make sure the family has the care and support they need and deserve, and the opportunity to make the most of the time they have together.”

Your generous support of George Mark Children’s House makes it possible to continue this compassionate and exemplary model of pediatric palliative care – one that makes a profound difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.

Thank you for all that you do in support of George Mark Children’s House.

With gratitude,

Ken Sommer
Director of Advancement

P.S. This Valentine’s Day please spread some love with a tax deductible donation.

P.P.S. We appreciate your support! George Mark Children’s House exists because of donors like you.

Dec 23, 2014
Geoge Mark Newsletter!

The latest George Mark Children's House Newsletter is available online.

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Dec 8, 2014
The Gift of Time

Our daughter Ruthie Lou was born August 9, 2011. She was gorgeous with a full head of auburn hair and the sweetest little lips. We didn't know that anything was wrong until she was two weeks old and the doctors confirmed our worst fear: our daughter would not survive. To say we were devastated would be an understatement.

Ruthie Lou was perfect, inside and out. She was so much more than her diagnosis or prognosis; she was our beloved baby girl. Our sweet girl lived 33 days, 12 of which were at George Mark Children’s House. She was held and loved every single day of her life.

Will you please support the life changing work at George Mark Children’s House by making a meaningful donation today?

When we arrived at George Mark, it took my breath away. It was bright and full of laughter and life. That was the first time I had even noticed beauty since learning that our daughter was going to die.

From the moment we entered our room at George Mark Children’s House, we were finally a family.
We knew immediately that we had come to the right place; we knew that we were in Ruthie Lou's home.

During a time when nothing in life mattered except spending every waking moment with our daughter, George Mark tended to our every need - even those we could not have prepared for
. We were fed meals to nourish our bodies. We were given space to bond as a family.

We no longer had to hear the beeping sounds of the NICU machines. We no longer had to ask permission to hold our own daughter. We no longer had to be separated from her. At George Mark, we experienced things that we never would have if we had stayed in the hospital.

The Child Life Specialist guided us through several memory making projects in the art room and one of Ruthie Lou’s favorite of places was the warm pool, where we spent lots of time. We took daily walks outside. We watched the sunset, while rocking in the chair under the gazebo, every single night. We were able to experience the life we had imagined with our daughter.

George Mark Children’s House is about family. It is about kids being kids. It is about enjoying the life we are given, no matter how short.

Our daughter’s short life blessed us immensely and continues to be a blessing every day, even now three years later. She taught me more in her 33 days than I have learned in 33 years.

We began counseling at George Mark Children’s House soon after returning home. We needed support and we wanted to feel understood. We were searching for hope and we wanted to feel close to Ruthie Lou. In those early days, we met as often as needed. Being at George Mark Children’s House gave us a sense of peace and normalcy.

When we found out that we were expecting Ruthie Lou's brother, it terrified us - but the entire staff at George Mark supported us and held our hands. They guided us through our fears, and they celebrated the birth of Ruthie Lou's brother one year later. Through our ongoing continuous journey with grief, we have been supported each step of the way.

It feels strange to count ourselves fortunate when we think about our brief time with Ruthie Lou. But we were fortunate. We were fortunate that our hospital directed us to George Mark Children’s House. And we were fortunate that we were given the time, space and support to fully be present during Ruthie Lou's final days with us.

We will forever be grateful to George Mark, for the time when we lived there with Ruthie Lou and for the years since as they've continued to walk our life journey with us.

George Mark Children’s House has held us during the most devastating time of our life and they have celebrated with us during the greatest joys in our life: Ruthie Lou and her brother Reid.

George Mark continues to play a huge role in our life. It was a safe haven then and it continues to be a safe haven for us now.
George Mark Children’s House is Ruthie Lou's home and it is now forever our home, too.

As 2014 draws to a close and you consider the charitable contributions you want to make, please make a tax deductible gift to support George Mark’s work with families like mine.

In celebration of life,

Amie Lands

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We were pleased with how well our son and our family were treated. The George Mark House brought us a sense of comfort during a very difficult time.


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